Prevention of malware

The two biggest concerns for computer users are malware. With a little planning here are some ways that you can defend your computer against malware:

  1. Keep your computer’s software patched and current. Make sure both your operating system and anti-virus application are up to date. You should make it a habit to update it on a regular basis. Why not set a reminder in your calendar.
  2. Always download updates from reputable sources. For your operating system always go and use the legitimate websites of the company or the person who produced it.
  3. Before you install anything, always think and weight the benefits and risks. Be alert and aware of the fine prints in the conditions or disclaimer.
  4. Install and use a firewall to secure you PC. If you are operating system is running Windows XP you can use the built-in software firewall under the control panel. You can also download free versions of firewalls that work on all versions of Windows.
  5. Prevention with common sense is always better than cure.
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